• The citizens of T.R may not travel one way to Iraq. In case they submit their return ticket from Iraqi Airways, one way ticket may be issued.
  • The citizens of T.R may get 30-day visa at the gate in Iraq. 
  • T.R Citizens holding Green Passport have to apply to Consulate for visa.
  • The passport information belonging to the passenger should be submitted while selling ticket (Name, surname, date of birth, passport number, passport validity)  
  • The passenger is responsible for name, course, date information errors that are not checked in the delivery of ticket at the office and through mail. 
  • Cancellations and changes within 15 minutes as of the sales of the ticket are free of charge.
  • The tickets have the right of use of 1 year as of the flight date, are subject to change. Its return is made within 6 months from the date of issue. Only change is made on tickets exceeding 6 months.  
  • The tickets with a stay of 72 hours at minimum and a stay of 1 month at maximum may be issued on a monthly basis.


  • Unused tickets are returned by deducting usd 150.
  • If one leg of the flight has been used, if return course is open or has a time over 72 hours, one way price and return with a deduction of usd 50 is available.
  • If one leg of the flight has been used and a date is stated in return course, it is returned by deducting usd 50.


  • Confirmations are made free of charge in open date return tickets.
  • A penalty of usd 50 is collected for confirmation changes before flight date.
  • A penalty of usd 100 is collected if the confirmation change is made on flight date or after flight.  
  • Confirmation requests of agencies are made if the ticket has been sold by that agency. Otherwise, confirmation is not made for the agency.
  • In group reservations, 50% of the amount should be collected 21 days before the flight. It should be sold 72 hours before the flight.
  • Reservation is not made in flights with a stay of 72 hours and less than 72 hours, direct sales is made.
  • The passengers at the age between 0 and 2 are treated as baby, between 2 and 12 as child, 12 and above as adult.  
  • Student discount is made by 25% over tax free price.  It may be applied 2 times for one person. 
  • No Show should be collected for tickets incurring No Show penalty, the decision of not collecting No Show is not under the initiative of the personnel.
  • Baggage allowance is 20 kg in economy cabin and 30 kg in business cabin. Baby passengers don’t have baggage allowance. Baggage allowance of the crew is 30 kg.
  • The following amounts are collected for each 1 kilogram in excess baggages.
USD 7  
USD 7           
USD 7                       


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